Independence Sculpture ‘All In’ by Jallim Eudovic. In his own words

“The piece does speak directly to our roots. It points to the narrative of the Kalinagoes, the first settlers ; the group of Amerindians that moved within and among the islands for their survival. The Kalinagoes depended on fishing to survive. However they also traded with the neighbouring islands: Martinique, Saint Vincent, Grenada, etc.
The connectedness of the figures also speaks to the narrative of our cultural history. The enslaved Africans who were brought to the island inherited the fishing traditions of the Kalinagoes. Thus the piece also speaks to the fishermen who, before the outboard motor engine rowed their canoes in and out of the oceans. These are all our ancestors.
The piece is also highly symbolic. It symbolizes collectivity, co-operation. The progress of the vessel requires collective energies; a unified approach. Everyone puts his energy into the movement of the vessel and when it moves, everyone moves. The gaze is towards the land, towards the mountains where the family awaits anxiously. It was all a matter of survival and out there in the perilous waters, everyone had to be “all in” to pull at the oars and add his “push”, for the vessel to move toward its destination.” (Thanks Jalim Eudovic)

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